Chai Latte


Chai Latte is a blend of powerful herbs and plants to keep you charged and the India masala chai style is the cherry on the top. Ready-to-made powder that you can mix with sugar and milk to soothe your brain nerves anytime, anywhere.

1 teaspoon is enough for  4 cups of tea.

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We all start our day with a hot cup of tea. All that we want is the essence of classic herbs present in our favourite chai to make it the best. Don’t worry! we have listened to that and introducing “Chai Latte” to you.

The roots of this product lie within its 10+ divine Ingredients. Here is the list
1. Tulsi Leaves
2. Kesar
3. Safad Chandan
4.  Mulethi
5. Choti Elaichi
6. Dal Chini
7. Laung
8. Sonth
9. Ajwain
10.  Agar
11.  Kali Mirch
12.  Sugandh Bal
13.  Choti Pipal



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